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SC Improved, But Not World Series Material for Business

July 26, 2010

CNBC has just released its ranking of all 50 states according to which is best for business.   Scores for 40 measures of competitiveness slotted South Carolina at #31, between Illinois and Arkansas, which was tied with California.  Texas is first, Alaska last.  Our neighbors, North Carolina and Georgia, finished 4th and 10th, respectively.

South Carolina gained six places since 2009 but continues to be held back in the categories of Education, Economy, and Quality of Life.  Underlying measures negatively affecting the state’s scores include a low concentration of “major” corporations; K-12 test scores, class size, and spending; high crime, and poor health of the population.  Conversely, South Carolina scored well in Cost of Business, Workforce, and Transportation.  Low taxes are cited as a positive.

The Palmetto State’s neighbors outscored it in Technology and Innovation, Business Friendliness, and Access to Capital, in addition to the aforementioned low-scoring categories.  Read more at CNBC’s website here.